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Opnsense + sensei vs untangle

Started by hoggtoggs, August 11, 2021, 11:02:38 PM

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Thanks for your detailed review of Sensei. Out of curiosity what is your opinion of opn+sensei vs untangle? Currently on the fence between the two projects. The price point per device seems about the same. I am interested in the web filtering aspect mosty but the other bells and whistles look useful on both as well.

Home Network Guy

I replied to this same question in the Disqus comments for Sensei, but for reference for others browsing the forum, here is what I wrote:

I've seen mentions of Untangle in some firewall discussions and also heard about it some on a Podcast. I'm not familiar with it in detail but it seems similar in features.

As for the differences, it may be a matter of preference. Untangle seems to be even more GUI focused/driven that OPNsense if that is something you prefer. OPNsense let's you tweak things outside of the GUI (not sure to what extent you can do that with Untangle). OPNsense is open source which can be beneficial. I'm not sure if it's easier to find online help with OPNsense vs Untangle and how each community compares. The OPNsense community seems to be very friendly and helpful.