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I have inserted my personal router after the building's network.  I now need some advice how to access the Internet from the LAN clients on my personal router.  The WAN port of my personal router has an IP of and i have set the DHCP server on the LAN side to allocate clients from range.  I did this to ensure my private network to have isolation from the building's private network.

How do i configure the router so the 172.16 clients use the address to access the Internet or is this even possible?  I have tested the building's Internet access by plugging the cable from their wall socket into a PC and could browse the Internet successfully.  Thanks.
I moved into a new location that has a service provider that only allows their infrastructure, and users are on a common ssid for wireless.  When I plug into the wired ports, I am given a private ip address but have no idea if I'm sharing the same subnet as others on my floor.

My problem is I want to use my NAS (it's wired only) and ensure only my wired and wireless devices can see it.  I have an unused wireless router that I can reuse, but can I insert the router after  the building Ethernet to create my private network before it goes to the building's private network?  Wouldn't that be double NATing?  Do home routers even allow this?

Any help on building my network is appreciated.