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Unable to access home router from external network not using my ISP

Started by Shaggy1, June 03, 2023, 07:17:22 AM

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I have a Netgear Nighthawk router with dd-wrt.

I have opened up a couple of ports on my router which I have NATed to point to a web server running on a machine in my LAN and registered a domain name with a domain name provider so I can access using a domain.

The web server is accessible from my own network and also it seems to an external network which is using my ISP (at least I can accesss it using one of my neighbours network which uses the same ISP as me).

However when I try to accesss my LAN from an external network not using my ISP theree is no access - messages get sent, but there are never any replies, so it appears to be completely blocked. I cannot even ping my router's (WAN) IP address (I have opened up ping on my router).
(nslookup does correctly resolve the ip address of my router from the domain name)

Does anyone have any idea what might be blocking eccess from external networks ?
And can anyone tell me how I might go about determining why and where access is blocked ?
(I do have a neighbour either side whose networks (one using a different ISP, the other using the same ISP as me) from which I can run tests ).


Some additional information:

I phoned my ISP and they confirmed the ports should not be blocked.

I do use a VPN which it occured to me may be the problem. I do not have time to try it now, but at some stage will disable it and check.