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Slow network file transfer

Started by PickyBiker, January 12, 2023, 12:31:41 PM

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The attached image describes what is on my home WiFi network.
I have a 50mb fiber internet connection to the house.
Each PC is running Windows 11
Each PC is less than 35' from the router with only 1 wall between each PC.
Each PC shows the full 4 bars of signal strength.
Each of the PCs can download files from the internet and double-digit MB speeds.

The problem is file transfers from PC to PC happen at speeds of 5-60 KB. This is true whether I use 2.4g or 5g connections. Everything I know to check seems okay. All IPs are automatically assigned.

What can I check to speed the PC to PC file transfers?

Home Network Guy

This indeed sounds strange especially since you can download from the Internet faster than you can transfer files between your computers. The speeds should be much greater than that.

From a network perspective, I can't think of any reasons why that would happen, but I did find a page talking about slow file transfers (between 2 disks or over the network) which affects Windows 10/11. There is a long list of items that can cause that. It may be worth checking out to see if this is a Windows 11 problem caused by one or more issues.