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Hey there,

So I've been following a few tutorials, but keep running into the same issues when attempting to set up a permanent gateway to Private Internet Access' OpenVPN service. So far I've used these tutorials:
None of the above tutorials get me where I need to be, but each seems to have some pieces that seem appropriate.

I've LOVE it if I could kinda roll through this step by step with someone. It's hard to ask the right questions at a place like Reddit for situations like this, so I was hoping this forum may be more appropriate.

So first things first, I started off by creating an OpenVPN client using steps 1 and 2 here:

Without the rest of the steps, when I turn on the client, my access to the internet dies. I can reach anything on my internal network, but nothing external. I assume this is expected without the appropriate firewall rules, right? Thoughts?

Thank you!